Shutting down Web Server with Xcode

When running (swift run) from the command line I can stop the server with control-C, but in Xcode when I stop the program with the Stop command, the server continues and all future attempts abort with the error: [ ERROR ] bind(descriptor:ptr:bytes:): Address already in use (errno: 48)

How can I shut this down?

I am using Xcode 12.4 in os 11.2.1

Thank you

When this happens the easiest way to shut it down is to go to the Terminal and type killall Run

FWIW I have been using Xcode 12.5 (beta 3) lately and haven’t had this problem as often as I did with Xcode 12.4.

Thanks a lot. I spent a lot of time searching activity monitor to find the process without any luck. This will help.

This is an Xcode bug unfortunately and not a lot we can do about it