Shutdown() was not called before Application deinitialized

Following the sample code for the book in writing tests. Now find that tests basically grind to a halt before anything really runs, and always with this message:

**Vapor/Application.swift:154: Fatal error: Application.shutdown() was not called before Application deinitialized.**

The tests were working, and even now, having destroyed and recreated docker containers running the pg database, I can see that the the automigrate process does insert data that is part of the tests. But I can’t get any further than this crash and error.

From what I can tell, the first test runs, and migrates everything, but when it ends, it seems to not clean up – or well, I don’t really know.

Hi, I usually get this error, when my DB I use for the test runs is not started in Docker. I use different DBs for development, testing and production environments and sometimes I forget to switch.

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Have a look at Failure when running tests where someone had a similar problem. Wrapping trys in a do/catch is a good start

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This was the correct fix. Ensure you have the postgres-test container running and then run tests again.