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Why can’t I run any of these scripts inside intellij when I clone this repo?

Hey there @syntakks!

Could you tell me at which point does your code not work? Do you just don’t have the run option available, do you have an issue creating a project, or is it something else? It’s hard to help you right off the bat, as I don’t know exactly what’s going wrong in your case!


I figured it out, there aren’t any modules set up for the different directories. I have to create the modules manually to get the play button to work, when pulling down your project from git.

Sorry for the bother.



Hey @syntakks!

I think it’s because each folder is an episode folder, and within that folder you have two projects.

So you’re not supposed to open everything as one project, you’re supposed to open each starter/final project individually. That way it’ll import those small projects & load them correctly.

This is how we do projects at, as it’s easier to go through each episode that way!