Server-Side Kotlin with Ktor |

Learn how to use the Ktor framework to build a Kotlin web app and API, and see how to deploy the app to the cloud and also run the app in a Docker container.

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Great tutorial, I’m impressed how much value per second you did put here. I’m total backend novice and now I can make pretty much everything I needed for my mobile apps.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for the kind words, @solidogen! As you build some new backends, let us know if any topics of interest come up that you’d like to see in future tutorials. Thanks again!

Hey Ray, Please have you got an example for Authentication using OAuth2 on Ktor?

Hi @arkangelx, thanks for the question! We don’t have anything yet covering that specific topic, but hopefully the official Ktor guides may help:

We really enjoyed making this Ktor course and are hoping to do some more Ktor content in the near future. Thanks again!

Thanks for your response. Found a workaround for it.

@macsimus You did an awesome job teaching this course.
I loved the fact that you didn’t waste time explaining core concepts and focused on providing the most out of every seconds.

Great initiative for going a step further and including Heroku and Docker setup, it was greatly appreciated. This makes it much easier to use ktor not only for small projects.

I would suggest a course on creating a server using ktor for game development. The course could cover features like WebSocket.

Best regards

Thanks for the kind feedback @alexandrebrown! We’re looking forward to working on a new Ktor course soon that includes the use of Websockets.

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