SendGrid sevice seem not very stable

Hi there,
In Chapter 25, I’ve implemented all codes for sending email using SendGrid service. However, I found not every time after I fill out the email address and press the reset password button, I can get an email response. I have no idea how to work around this problem and hope that someone can help me resolve this. Thanks.

Do you see any failures in the Sendgrid dashboard and have you checked your junk mail?

Hi 0xtim,
Thanks for your response and advice.
I have checked the dashboard and it showed the correct requests quantity. I also checked my junk mail, but there is nothing in my junk mail. By the way, I still cannot get any email response.

Are there any errors in the SendGrid dashboard or rejections etc? Once it’s reached SendGrid it’s kinda out of the hands of Vapor and not much else you can do. If SendGrid are saying they’ve sent it and you haven’t received the email you might need to contact SendGrid support.

Hi 0xtim,
Because I reviewed the dashboard and found there is not any error message, I doubt if the local email server blocked the email. After transferring to the iCloud email address, I can receive the email correctly.
Thanks for your help again.

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