Scroll View School - Part 3: Section 1: DIY Scroll | Ray Wenderlich

By writing a little code, you can write your own Do-It-Yourself custom scroll view.

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Hey guys, great stuff so far. I just wanted to share some feedback. Something I’ve noticed in the new videos you guys have released lately (including this one). A couple of months ago I’ve watched some other video series on this website and some of them I found pretty hard to follow, partly because of the code being copy pasted and sped up. I like this new style a lot more where the instructor is live typing the code and explaining along the way, without speeding it up. To me it feels much more realistic and easier to follow. I also love hearing the sound of typing on the keyboard. The pace is slightly slower but the info is easier to digest. Please keep this up. Thanks a lot!!

Thanks for the feedback, Benny. We certainly appreciate it. I think you must have seen our screencasts. They are designed to be explained a faster rate whereas our courses are designed to be much slower. The reasoning is that the screencasts cover a single topic such as an API as quick as possible to get you up and running.

The courses are meant to give you a broader overview.

Again, thanks for the feedback!

What is the translation method? What does it mean in:self? I read the documentation but it goes over my head. If you can please explain or redirect to a resource where this is explained I’d really appreciate it. I tried the gesture recognizers course but its just too naive explanation. Thanks in advance.

@benzai @srinath2763 Please check out the updated version of the course when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!