Scroll View School - Part 28: Section 3: Refresh | Ray Wenderlich

iOS comes with a pull to refresh control right out of the box. This video will show you how to use it.

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Hi, I’m just trying to follow up your lecture when it comes to UIRefreshControl.
I made some codes same as yours and executed. But UIRefreshControl did not call its target method.

My simulator is iPhone 8 (iOS 11.2), and my real device is iPhone 6s (iOS 11.2.2).
I also tried to execute project in ‘Final’ directory, but it was the same.

What’s the problem?

This is a weird issue. I’m not sure what is going on here. I replicated your results using the iPhone 8 simulator but I was able to resolve by going into the storyboard, and setting the size from freeform to fixed. That shouldn’t affect the UI but it seems to have resolved the issue for me.

Did you try it on an actual device?

Oh, I have resolved the issue. I did what you had written on this thread. I just set the view controller from freeform to fixed in Storyboard, then this issue was resolved.

This issue is occurred both a simulator and an actual device. I don’t know why the target method of UIRefreshControl could not be called when the size is set to freeform… :frowning:

Yeah, that was a weird bug for sure. I’m going to file a radar for it and hopefully Apple can fix it.