[SCENEKIT] seek suggestions


First off all sorry. I tried to find out a proper discussion thread to post this message but I could not find a general thread about SCENEKIT.

I really want to use SceneKit. Unity is not my option.

I want to make a scene, FPS like … I want the character to go through gates, doors and circular holes in the floor (to go downstair.)

How would an experienced fellow would design that gameplay ?

  • Based on physics body : but I cannot make a circular hole … and I would like that the hole is circular when you fall … not square-shaped.
  • Based on contact ? If the player get close enough to the hole which can be circular, vertical movement is enabled.

I am not sure to be clear enough. But I hope you get interest in my question and maybe you can inspire me.
If you have any advice on what to read for FPS like game… I have a lot of questions

Take care of yourself


By the way… I went through the 2D et 3D books on game on iOS

@behr Do you still have issues with this?

Dear shogunkaramazov …

ScaryCity fan?

Well, I do encounter a concept/design issue with that yes…

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