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Hi guys,

Thanks for the video. I have a very novel question. How does the string file return the four cat emojis when it takes the parameters of savedMysteryData? Considering savedMysteryData takes the parameters of mysteryDataURL, I don’t see how mysteryDataURL is able to link with the initial data (mysteryBytes or even mysteryData).


This line saves the bytes to your drive:

try mysteryData.write(to: mysteryDataURL)

…and this line reads that file, and loads them back into memory:

let savedMysteryData = try Data(contentsOf: mysteryDataURL)

Of course, they have to be written in that order!

Ahh, I get you. So the line;

**let** string = String(data: savedMysteryData, encoding: .utf8)!

Is really recalling the data in String format rather than saving it again?

Thanks for the reply!

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@jamiestirrat Do you still have issues with this?

Nope, all good. Thanks!