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RWDevCon 2018 Post-Mortem

We just had our fourth annual tutorial conference, RWDevCon 2018. Find out how it went! :]

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Congrats to everyone! Looked like lots of fun!! I truly wish I can make it to one of these in the future!

Looks awesome, hoping to make the next one!

Hey there Ray. Looked like a lot of fun. The article covered a lot but not where it was. :slight_smile: Could you let us know?

Last year I was quite positively surprised by the quality of the conference.
This year, I think I fell in love with the event.
I’m already gathering a bunch of people to go next year. I loved how we had 4 workshops on the first day, instead of 2 longer ones the last time. It’s easier to grasp, and if you discover that you’re not so happy with your current workshop choice, you have another waiting for you after lunch.

@paddye73 Oops, good point! The conference was in Alexandria, VA (right outside Washington DC).

Regarding the post-mortem of the conference, specifically adding more days to the conference: You’ve probably already thought of this, but perhaps since iOS and Android seem to be the two big topics, you need two separate conferences.

I’m sorry I missed the conference, but am looking forward to buying a seat early next year!

Hi Ray, the book everyone is holding " Data Structure and Algorithms inSwift", is it a new book? I didn’t find it in “Store” of the website.

@mike The book is now available! :] https://www.raywenderlich.com/191777/announcing-the-advanced-swift-spring-fling

Hi Ray, will there be hard copy one like some other books @ amazon?

@mike We’ll be releasing a print version on amazon.com in about a month or so. For right now, it’s digital version only.

Thanks. If I buy now can I get a print version when available? I prefer print version.

@mike No, right now we are selling digital versions only (not print versions). If you prefer print versions, I’d recommend waiting a month or so when they become available and purchasing them on amazon.com.

@rwenderlich Ok, thanks. :grin: