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RWDevCon 2017: Ticket Sales Open in 1 Week!

This year we ran our 2nd annual conference focused on high quality hands-on tutorials called RWDevCon. The conference was a huge hit and got rave reviews, so we are running it for the 3rd time next March! This year we’re making a number of improvements, including: Optional Pre-Conference Workshop: We’re adding an optional 3rd day […]

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Ray, how fast are we talking if you compare to the previous one, 1 week, 1 month?

I need to advice my boss


I’m not quite sure I understand your question here…?

you said it book fast, how fast last year it went sold out ?

What will be the tick price?

@giguerea Ah I see. For the past two years, we sold out in about a month or so.

@vakas Heh can’t believe I forgot to mention that! Conference only tickets are $999, conference + workshop is $1,499. First 75 tickets are at a $100 discount.

Are you planning to record the sessions like 2016?

@scmiyer Yes, we are! We’ll probably release a RWDevCon 2017 Vault like we did last year for RWDevCon 2016.