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RWDevCon 2017 Schedule Now Available!

Check out the full schedule for RWDevCon 2017, including 24 hands-on tutorials across 3 simultaneous tracks!

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Will the tutorials be made available on the website after the conference? There are some really cool topics in there! ;]

Last year we sold all the videos, materials, and our ~500 page conference book as the RWDevCon 2016 Vault:

We’ll probably do something similar this year.

Excited to be there for the third year in a row! Just wondering if the RWDevCon app will be populated with the new schedule soon.

Hopefully soon! In the meantime you can download a PDF version of the schedule from http://www.rwdevcon.com.

This looks excellent - I wish I could go but it has happened to be right in the middle of a family holiday.

Excellent lineup! And like you said, it’s got a great range of topics!

Wow, what an awesome conference it’s gonna be. Wish I could attend. Hopefully just like last year’s con, this year’s resources will be made available for purchase as well, just sooner!!!

Hi, does anyone have any tips on how to get the most learning out of the conference? I’m having a hard time deciding how to choose between tutorials versus labs where I am interested in both topics. This will be my first RW conference and I’m really looking forward to it!!!