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RWDevCon 2016 Inspiration Talk – Feed Your Fire by Ray Wenderlich

Join Ray in a campfire story about how to feed your fire of motivation.

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Hey @Ray that was really helpful. I though I’m the only one who sometimes need motivation to even start xcode. :grin:

I would love to hear more from your experiences.

Another great raywenderlich content!

This is great, i’m sure the videos will be awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing Ray!!!
And we (I) always need a little motivation to even start our day, though we love our development jobs. :slight_smile:

This happened to one of my hobby projects (a mini game written in C# Unity)… this talk might actually start to motivate me back into β€œthe zone”…we’ll see… but alas time is a precious commodity

Thanks for sharing your invaluable insights, Ray.