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Running a Successful iOS Consulting Company: A Top App Dev Interview

Learn how to run a successful iOS Consulting Company in this interview with long-time Mac/iOS developer Kyle Richter!

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Lots of great advice in this interview, but would love to hear folks current opinions on the team-collaborate tools that they use.

“Your company all works remotely, correct? What tools or tricks do you use to effectively communicate as a team while making apps?”

It has taken many years to get the systems working to a point where we are more effective than an under one roof team. While we use many tools in order to get the job done some stand out more than others:

  • We use Adium/iChat/Messages for one on one communication, as well as email.
  • For group collaboration we use 37 Signal’s Campfire with the Mac OS X Propane written by our own Trevor Squires.
  • Freshbooks is used for tracking time and budgets as well as payroll and invoicing.
  • For ticket tracking we use LighthouseApp with ResolveApp, another one of our own products.
  • A shared group calendar is also heavily used for time off and vacations as we are also a flextime with unlimited vacation company.
  • Facetime and Google Hangouts have also become an important tool for us, sometimes you just need to see people face to face.
  • In addition we try and foster an active employee community through an in house wiki and a company wide weekly Team Fortress 2 death match.