Router Master with Drawer

How do use the RouteMaster package with a drawer based application?
I am having a little hard-time making the RouteMaster package work using the approach given in the book.

Dear @shahil7685,

We would need a bit more information on your problem in order to help you…
Vid Palčar

Hi @vpalcar

I am following the architecture followed in the book.
The difference in my application is that I am not using a tabbar but instead drawer based navigation.
So I am trying to inject the call back methods in the SideMenuScreen and then pass the instance of SideMenuScreen to each of the main screens which would show a hamburger menu on top left.

This is where it creates an issue. Those callbacks are not working.

Hi shahil7685
Why do you need to pass an instance of SideMenuScreen to each of the main screens?