Robot Rampage Area Light object


In Robot Rampage starter project we have Area Light object. I don’t find any mentions in the book about this object. Also I don’t understand what is this for this light in this project.

If I am understanding correctly, that is to light the area so you can see. It might be named something different like light source ect. I hopes this helps. Sometimes they add stuff so we can add to our project. Like with light source the player can change the brightness.

The area light is explained in detail on this page of the Unity documentation: Unity - Manual: Types of light

To summarise:

An Area Light is defined by a rectangle in space. Light is emitted in all directions uniformly across their surface area, but only from one side of the rectangle. There is no manual control for the range of an Area Light, however intensity will diminish at inverse square of the distance as it travels away from the source. Since the lighting calculation is quite processor-intensive, area lights are not available at runtime and can only be baked into lightmaps.

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