RESTful API ....what to know?

Hi everyone,

I see quite many iOS jobs are listing “RESTful API” as one of the main requirements
I know iOS Apprentice’s StoreSearch chapter was teaching how to parse JSON data from web services. Other than that, what else we have to learn ? Which books/videos/tutorials on that are concentrating on this topic ?

Hi @oaranger, thank you for posting your question. Knowing how to parse JSON in my opinion is really important because many, if not most apps will communicate with an API to send and retrieve data. There are many tutorials on here that focus on parsing JSON and using APIs. Here is a list that you may find helpful:

Videos and General Tutorials:

3rd Party Library Tutorials with an API:

Beginners iOS Path:

Happy coding!


Thanks, @gdelarosa !

Any tutorials or courses on Server side Swift are sure to cover this topic too.

Hi @oaranger,
Apart from all the wonderful advice that has been offered here, the one thing that I would is that RESTful API are more as endpoints for JSON datalets in most apps.

From a job perspective, look at how to get JSON data, parse and encoding/decoding. In addition you might also want to look at GraphQL.


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