Release date for iOS Apprentice with Swift 3

Hi all,
when The iOS Apprentice update with Swift 3 will be released?

I’m beginning to learn swift but do not know if I should expect swift 3 or if I can start with the 2.2

You can start now with Swift 2.2.

The iOS Apprentice for Swift 3 won’t be released until Swift 3 is released at the earliest, and that’s several months away.

If you’re just starting out, I wouldn’t jump into Swift 3 yet. It is not ready and it will change over the coming months. So follow @narrativium’s advice and stick with the current version, 2.2. A lot of what you’ll learn will stay the same even with Swift 3.

Thanks! :smiley:
I doubt because I read that swift 3 is not compatible with 2.2

True, but there is more to making apps than learning Swift. The ideas behind UIKit are much more important than the syntax of the programming language, and those ideas will not change. The iOS Apprentice is about those ideas, not just the language.

The only thing that changes is some of the names of the methods you’ll be using, and you’ll be able to pick this up very quickly.

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