Reading book is free with Ultimate Subscription but it's missing

When I click the button to read free with Ultimate Subscription that appears here:
But it’s missing this type of subscription. is hard to navigate. I wanted to read the book above online and the page instructed to click on Ultimate Pro Subscription to read free. However, when I clicked I saw ONLY Beginner, Professional, and Enterprise subscriptions. Do you think in the future there is going to be an Ultimate Subscription?

Does the Beginner Subscription allow me to read this book?

The professional level learning paths and books, like the title you are interested in, can be fully viewed with a Professional Subscription (also called Ultimate Pro Subscription).

You can read the initial sections of the book, to assess the teaching style of Data Structures & Algorithms, before making a choice whether to subscribe at the professional level. Here is a direct link to the first page:

I did the same, using the Dart version of that book :+1:

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