Read iOS Apprentice on iBooks or Kindle?

Is this a stupid question? I can’t save my progress each time I open the ePDF version. Is there a way I can read the document in either iBooks or Kindle?



I had the same problem. I dragged the pdf file into ibooks. When you open ibooks and then the book, it opens in preview. You can then add a bookmark where you leave off to come back to. I found myself printing the material and flipping thru the pages on my desk with laptop open. I thought about going to staples and having them print the whole thing out, but I found by printing each chapter out as I worked on the material easier and put into a three ring binder for reference.

Just started this amazing book. I will be using it in iBooks on my iPad next to my Macbook Pro.
The iPad will be in landscape mode. I will purchase an external monitor later (maybe Xmas prezzie) and put the book on that in portrait mode with the monitor also rotated to portrait mode.

Let the journey begin…