Questions about self-study of computer science or software engineering

I have finished learning Swift Apprentice, Swift UI Apprentice, and UI Kit Apprentice in raywenderlich. I am currently trying to make some apps of my own, but in the process I find that I lack some training in computer science or software engineering (I Undergraduate is a degree in management, not a professional degree in computer science), such as how to design Model, View Model, how to design database, and a lot of preparatory work in the early stage of software development (I saw some people will draw something that seems to be the interaction of software components Design drawing, I don’t quite know what this is called). Questions like these cause me to not know how to start, and I am confused, maybe there should be a similar development step or something? I know it’s a “engineering” ,What should each step do?
I hope to get some advice. what books should be studied, or open classes.

hello, my 2 cents is: build a simple app, if you get stuck use google. since you’re starting you’re likely to build crapy apps, and that’s ok, keep reading, build more apps along the process you’ll get experience and confidence. it’s a process that takes time, how long does it take? depends on you commitment

one last thing don’t expect to sit down and write perfect code, it’s not gonna happened soon, just don’t give up

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