Qeuestion about scene kit

Hey everyone. Got a little problem with scene kit need some questions answered.
Anyone know how to complete the second tutorial when it assigns a line before it is already made. If anyone can please help shoot me an E-mail. I know it must sound confusing but that’s why I would like some one to shoot me an E-mail so I can explain it thoroughly to them. Thanks.


Yeah guys the problem that I’m having is on the “setupCamera()” line In my geometry fighter swift code it tells me I’m not allowed to place this line "setupCamera() before it’s declaration. That’s the problem I’m having. So could some one who is using scene kit on page 2 of the tutorial please message me or tell me in the forum how I correct my problem thank you.

update. O.k. turns out It was something else which was the reason that that was happening. Now I need to know why the 1st sentence under spawn shape section requires it needs to be a swift expression. this is the last think I will need help on than I am done with sceneKit tutorial 2. Thanks guys Please help me.