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In this course, you'll learn everything you need to create, send, and receive both remote and local push notifications. You’ll learn how to create push notifications that open a specific view controller, display buttons, modify the payload, download media attachments, display a custom UI with user input & interaction, and are created & delivered locally on the user’s device.

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Hi Audrey,

I have a question about local notification: is it possible to add accessibilityLabel and accessibilityHint to the UNMutableNotificationContent.

I tried but after the request is built, these properties become nil: maybe is it due to the request properties we can’t change?

I also tried in the willPresent delegate method by adding these properties to the incoming notification but same result.

If this is possible, would you mind telling me how, please?

sorry, I don’t know. I’ll ping @gargoyle / Scott Grosch, who wrote the book.

I’m sorry but I don’t have any experience using those two properties on the local notification and the searching I did on the net today didn’t really pop up anything related to it either.

Is there a kind of accessibility VoiceOver expert in the RW team you could ask?

if your user has voiceover turned on, it reads out notifications automatically.

Those properties seem to be specifically for UI objects.

Local notifications aren’t UI objects @audrey?

if you create a custom UI for your notification, you can probably add those accessibility properties … I think it has to be something you can add in a storyboard?

Hello, love the content does this video method works currently in 2020?

hi Lazaro! there have been some new developments, some noted in the book, which has been updated for Xcode 11 and/or in this forum: