Purchase books regardless of subscription?


Is it still possible to purchase books separately or can they only be obtained via subscription?

Yes, you can still buy individually. To do this, click Learn in the main menu, choose the platform you like, then Books (if listed, otherwise just the platform). Then choose the book you like.

The book page has a button to buy the book individually like this:

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 9.53.25 AM

I hope that helps!

Thank you!

I have Black Friday subscription for the last few years. The button I see is “Get this as part of a subscription.” When I log out and go to the page I see the buy button.

Hi @ericjenkinson, could you let me know which book you are trying to purchase as well as a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Hello @rbondoc,

Sorry for the late reply. As I mentioned my account has the Black Friday subscription so I get all of the videos. Bellow is screenshot of book that I own. I can only access the download of the book by selecting “Access other versions and formats”

Image 10-30-20 at 7.18 AM

For books that I do not own there is no option purchase the book while I am logged in. Image 10-30-20 at 7.24 AM

If I log out of my account and go to the page I see the purchase button just as the screenshot shown by Ray.

Hi there, I’ve also experienced this with books I’ve purchased outright and without a subscription. I no longer have the ability to download them. According to the Terms and Agreements…

In connection with Purchases, we grant you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license to view the materials purchased (the “Purchased Materials”). Purchased Materials include but are not limited to PDF books and standalone collections of videos such as the RWDevCon Vault. Your license is perpetual, but may be revoked if you violate its terms. You may download the Purchased Materials to the extent the Website permits; some Purchased Materials, like videos, are not downloadable. You may print a hard copy of the Purchased Materials for your own personal use, but for no other purpose. You may also transfer your license to the Purchased Materials that are downloadable, but only if you do not retain any copies of the Purchased Materials after you transfer your license. The Purchased Materials also contain information regarding the license to portions of the Purchased Materials that would constitute Software if included in a Subscription rather than a Purchase; such portions are subject to the license contained within the Purchased Materials. If you delete your account as described below, previously Purchased Materials may become unavailable, and there is no way to restore your account after you delete it.

I have not, to my knowledge, violated this term of the agreement and thus my access should not have been revoked. I can still “read” the material online but there is no longer an option to download the PDF copy for offline reading. Of course, the ToS blanket covers itself with this line “Your license is perpetual, but may be revoked if you violate its terms. You may download the Purchased Materials to the extent the Website permits”.

Am I to assume that all content purchased in the past will no longer be available for PDF download going forward and will require an internet connection to “read”?

@ericjenkinson Thank you for replying and with the screenshot, that is very helpful! We will investigate this and get back to you.

@liltimtim You should still have the ability to download books you have purchased in the past individually. In the second screenshot above you’ll notice a link called “Access other versions and formats” - you can click that to access the downloads. Let me know if you have any issues there.

@ericjenkinson Sorry for the belated response here. We looked into this, and it appears that you already have access to the particular book in your screenshot (Advanced Git).

Basically what happened is we had a book called Mastering Git, which we had available for preorders. At some point in the book development, we decided to split the book into two separate books: Git Apprentice, and Advanced Git. Anyone who preordered the book before we split it up got access to both of the books - which I believe is your situation.

So basically, you shouldn’t need to purchase that book because it’s already on your account. Please let me know if that answers your question or if there’s anything else we can help with! :]

Thank you @rwenderlich. I appreciate you looking into this.