Propagate config files script problem


During chapter 1 you explain that using the propagate-config-files script is the easiest and fastest way to copy the IDE folder (.idea / .vscode) and the firebase config to the other directories so that the configuration is the same for each chapter and project.

However, the google-services.json file is copied to the android/app folder (as you explained and Google developer console suggested to put it here) but the script is looking in android/app/src folder.

Does it matter if it’s in the src folder? Will the app still run if it’s there? I’ve always had it in android/app folder so I had to modify the script slightly to get it to run successfully.

Just something that may need clearing up.

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I did the same thing as you by changing “android/app/src” to just “android/app/”, I run the script and it prints “done” but it doesn’t seem to work.


There were two places I needed to make a change. On line 58 and 129, remove /src on both lines.

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But did you make sure that the changes are reflected in the other starter and final folders?
Because I don’t see any changes in them.

I only updated the script in the first chapter folder, and all files were copied to all other chapters folders correctly.

What did you use to run the script?

I ran the script in the terminal sh