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I downloaded the material for this challenge and there are no playgrounds in either the start folder or the end folder.

Hey @babybull, I’m having the video team look into the missing download materials and I’ll get back to you shortly!

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@babybull The video team has reuploaded the zip file — would you mind giving it a try now?

Thanks so much for the note and I apologize for the issue!

Ok you are going to have to explain that to me again, how catName is greater than dogName based on how/when it was declared?
Oh, did you mean alphabetically? Ozma > Mango would be true in that case.

That’s exactly right - the less than and greater than operators, when used with strings, compare them alphabetically. One string being greater than another string means it comes “later in the dictionary”, alphabetically speaking.

Hi there, I’m trying to download the challenges but I see only the github repository loading up, before I was able to download all the challenges

Hey @george30: we’re moving to GitHub to store our video materials now. You can browse through the different folders in the repository to find the challenge solution, or you can download all of the materials in one fell swoop with the “Code” button:


Hope that helps - let me know if you have any more questions!

Thanks Chris well appreciated!

@george30 Do you still have issues with this?