Problems with making 2-player game with Python[Not related to iOS, just can't find appropriate category]

I tried to do game(actually at least to run it on my computer) that I saw in tutorial here: Multiplayer game
But when I try to run it from different computers, client on the second computer(local server is on the first) doesn’t find server:
I do this way:
Start server and set to localhost:8000
Start the first client and type localhost:8000, after what it connects to server
In cmd type ipconfig, find IPv4,
Start the second client, and type IPv4:8000, but it isn’t connecting to server

What have I to do, to make it work?

@b_borkivskyy Thanks very much for your question, and my apologies for the delayed response. I will try to reach out to the author of the tutorial and see if they are still available.