Prevent Remote Notification From Showing

I made an app for android where upon receiving notification from firebase I figure out if I should show it or not (based on some app settings on sharedPrefs).

I want to do the same for ios, I can save and retrieve value in userDefault (appgroup) but the problem is I couldn’t find any way to prevent the notification from showing. It’s a mutable notification (I need to download image, do edit on title and etc)

The only reason I spent my money on this book casue I thought there will be something about it, am I missing something? Please help on this regard

That’s not really a normal feature for iOS. I’d suggest you send a silent notification. When it arrives do what you need to do and then create and display a local notification.

Thanks gargoyle, I did think about it. But I read somewhere silent notification can’t be changed (like title/etc and they aren’t able to download image or anything).

Can you confirm if I can get payload from silent notification, download image and send local notify using that.

Thanks for help man

You can definitely download during a silent. That’s kinda the whole point to that type of notification. It tells your app there is new data and to go prefetch it for the user. Silent notification doesn’t have a title or anything.

So you just do your download and then schedule a Local Notification. I don’t have the book handy but it was one of the last chapters. I wanna say 13 for some reason.