Precise audio playback: Audio Queue Services?

I need to playback short audio samples with precise timing, including up to 4 sounds starting simultaneously.
These sound samples are triggered with NSTimers.

I’ve tried with AVPlayer and AVAudioPlayer but they are just not precise enough in timing.
Multiple sounds played at once will be all over the place, especially on the real device.

From what I’ve gathered there are not many alternatives, Audio Queue Service being one that allows precise timing and multiple sounds at once.
However, it’s written in C, which I’ve never worked with, and it is hard to find any examples showing how to integrate this for simple audio playback of a sound (I’m using Swift).

If someone can point me in the right direction (or knows a better solution to what I’m looking for), that would be much appreciated.


But how to record and playback audio with aac format between two iPhones is a problem, if you know how to do it ,please tell me, thanks!