Potential error in RxSwift Book. (Last-Modified => If-Modified-Since)

In Chapter 8, it is sending “Last-Modified” header, but I believe it should be “If-Last-Modified”.
“Last-Modified” is what server sends in response header, but the request header should have corresponding “If-Modified-Since”.

NSHipster may be a good reference. (Request Cache Headers section)

Thanks! I’ll check that, maybe it’s a typo


If you allow me to say further though, it feels to me that this example with cache control may not be the best.
As I observe the request/response on Charles, it seems URLSession automatically applies “If-None-Match” and “If-Modified-Since” header by itself, so manually appending the header is not required. (I am glad to be corrected, since I haven’t really found document to back this up)

Just some thought from a reader, the chapter itself is great!!

Of course, all feedback is absolutely welcome. I might not be able to immediately check and give you some response but this is added to my todo to have a look and make sure code is okay or fix !

I have the latest version of the book. But it still says “Last-Modified” instead of “If-Modified-Since”. Is this still a typo?