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Porting Your iOS App to macOS

Learn how to port iOS apps to macOS. If you’re developing apps for iOS, you already have skills that you can use to write apps for macOS!

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Wow, Thanks a lot for your amazing tutorial.

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Thanks for the tutorial. I think the link to Apple’s migration guide needs some syntax fixing to work correctly.

Also, even Apple’s guide doesn’t mention this, but when working with UIColor, SpriteKit already has an abstraction for UIColor and NSColor by using SKColor (which would work even if you weren’t using all of SpriteKit).

FWIW, the default language setting in the starting project is set to use swift 4 but the project will compile and run if you change the setting to swift 3 as the error message states.

Thanks for this tutorial, it so useful to have some part of your code reusable in others projects, and now in others platforms :wink:

Thank you , and thanks for pointing that out. Link is fixed.

I’m glad you like it - thanks!

Was this giving you an issue in Xcode 8 or 9? The tutorial was intended to work on Xcode 9 without issue, and there might be a slight issue when going back to 8.

Xcode 8. I didn’t notice any reference to a version dependency in the article. I wouldn’t have attempted it if I had known it required Xcode 9. Thanks for the answer.

The code shown in the tutorial for beer_mac.swift for saving the image, does not match your downloadable source code? I followed the tutorial and in the end it seemed to work ok, except for saving and loading images. I tried the downloadable code and it worked, but found code not in the tutorial.

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. We will update it as soon as possible. Thank you! :]