Popover Segue anchor point

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I tinkered with iOS and Swift is all new to me, so sorry if I seem clumsy.

On an iPad, I’m trying to display a TableView on a popover by the tap of a UIButton. I’m doing all this on Storyboards. I can link everything together and the popover appears, the table is populated and so on. However, no matter what I try, the popover always appears right in front of the UIButton calling it. Even if I select only the left arrow on the popover, makes no difference. It seems as if the popover was anchored to the left side of the button instead of the right one, which would be the more intuitive place. I tried to find info or tutorials about it but to no avail.

Any hit would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @marcal, no need to apologize, this is a learning environment where it’s okay to make mistakes or not know all the answers. It’s a bit difficult to approach this type of problem because I do not know what you’ve tried to solve this issue or what your code/storyboard for it looks like.

Could you provide a snippet of code or screenshot to give us a better idea of what you are dealing with?


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