Polyominoes - A fun, fast board game for the entire family

Built entirely in Swift, for both iOS and macOS.

It only takes a minute for anyone to learn how to play Polyominoes, but it is challenging enough to keep both kids and adults engaged for hours. Each player has a rack of colored tiles to play on the board. Play your first tile at any corner of the board. After that, each tile you play must touch a corner of a tile of the same color, without touching an edge of that color. Win by covering more of the board than your opponents. Play progresses around the board until there are no places left to play. Polyominoes is simple to learn, but game strategy is difficult to master and game play is unpredictable.

Play by yourself against the game, or with up to three of your friends using Game Center.

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@stevengharris Congratulations and keep up the good work! :]

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