Pock Radar Maps

Find the Pokemon nearest to your location using this brilliant and out-of-the box game called “Poke Radar Maps for Pokemon Go”. Created by Potenza Global Solutions, this unique game is simple to understand and play.

With this iOS application, you can view all the Pokemon present in the vicinity of your area, which have been found by you and other players on the map. It also shows you the number of times they were found on the day. With the use of the option ‘Filter’, players can quickly find where a specific Pokemon can be found.

App URL::Pock Radar Maps

Get this unique application, Poke Radar Maps For Pokemon Go, and pin down the nearest Pokemon.

Caution to all Pokemon Go players - signing in to such an application with the account you use for Pokemon Go could get your account banned. Niantic has been known to periodically ban accounts using the API from third party apps. If you must use an app to “assist” with finding Pokemon, think about creating another account and not risking your main…

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