Pictures of your battle stations!

Let’s see some pictures of where everyone does their work! Here’s a picture of mine:


OK, I have to ask - what’s the bell for? Is that to summon a servant bearing refreshments? Does it repel cats when they walk on the keyboard? Or perhaps you ring it to let everyone know when a compile succeeds?


LOL - believe it or not, Vicki got that for me because she was tired of me yelling “Vicki!!!” down the hall whenever I needed a piece of artwork, etc - she prefers the clear sound as a signal to come in when she gets a chance :]

It works, but of course this makes my friends laugh and tease us to no end! :stuck_out_tongue:



LOL I love the “mousepad” Marin! :]

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Normally our desks are cleared at night.

breakfast of champions

@timmitra Nice views!

@mkatz Lego Scooby Doo?! :smiley:

@fuad Ooh a Cintiq! V has one as well, she absolutely loves it. What do you use it for?

@rwenderlich yeah, lego scooby doo is a thing. There’s a mystery machine behind my cup.

Here’s mine on a clean day


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It’s not much but it pays the bills :stuck_out_tongue:


This is me :]


My standup desk in my apartment. I have a motorized one at work :slight_smile:

it’s a kangaroo desk

and check out the heavily customized HHKB

and the boom mike for Dragon dictate

My personal armoured horse, not as in-your-face as my workplace’s battle station but comfortable enough (hidden under the table are 32TB thunderbolt drives for Lightroom).

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@rwenderlich I know this is kinda off topic but… where do you live? Virginia?

very photographer-y. Nice.

@vegetarianzombie LOL

@vakas Quite corporate!

@northy179 Nice setup.

@hdsenevi Ooh cool vertical monitor.

@prenez Almost as messy as Brian’s haha!

@einharch Nice to see a fellow anime fan! Vicki used to use a drawing pad like that as well but now she’s moved to a Cintiq.

@hafizcoder Yep live in Virginia. It’s beautiful here - mountains everywhere!