Physical Book vs PDF

3 Questions…

a) I’m typically a book person, but usually I will buy a discounted book/pdf combo on PacktPub. Since that isn’t available here… I was wondering if anyone has any opinion on the PDF quality… My preference is to sit outside and pour through a physical book, especially one this long, but the idea of being able to copy/paste code right out of the pdf is nice… but does the PDF display well for reading so many pages… and does the code copy/paste cleanly or does it pickup stray characters from surrounding text?

b) Is the physical book “current”, or have changes been made to the PDF to reflect bug fixes and Unity changes that won’t be in the physical book?

c) I don’t like books that just say, “insert this code to do this…”, I want to learn exactly what all of the code is doing. Does this book explain everything in detail? I’ve actually written several apps in Unity/C# for internal use by my company, but they weren’t game/physics/graphic in nature. So I understand programming pretty well, I just need to learn “game related” development.

Thanks in advance for any advice

PS… If any of the developers are reading this, you really should think about offering a book/pdf combo…