Phone Call Translator - Realtime Voice Translation

The application translates the voice of both callers during a call

  • You can call both mobile phones and landlines
  • You can call to all countries all over the world
  • Translation is carried out in 30 popular languages
  • Your speech will be translated into the language of the person receiving the call
  • Your caller’s voice will be translated into your language

This application will help in difficult situations

  • Help solve travel issues
  • Help solve urgent business tasks with foreigners
  • Help in communicating with friends abroad

Call without fear
It’s private. Details of the conversation are available only to you. We do not store conversation data.

It’s sparingly
A lot cheaper than roaming calls. Call costs from $0.2 per minute.

This is clear
The entire dialogue and translation is broadcast on the screen with text for better control.


  1. Install this application for yourself.
  2. Register and create application account.
  3. Add money to balance via in-app purchases.
  4. Select your language.
  5. Select the language of the person to whom you are calling.
  6. Select the country you are calling.
  7. Enter the phone number.
  8. Make a call.
  9. Speak in turn as if on a walkie-talkie

The conversation will be translated for both of you – the caller and callee, so you can talk with someone in different countries who don’t speak your language.


:small_blue_diamond: No need to install the app for a people you are calling!
:small_blue_diamond: The price of the conversation minute will be displayed before call depending on the phone carrier or the country you are calling.
:small_blue_diamond: Your talk will be translated by machine translation so there will be delays in 1-2 seconds between phrases depending on it’s length.
To avoid delays try to speak with short sentences instead of one long.



@mobileapps87 Congratulations and keep up the good work! :]

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