Paperback for iOS 11 edition

Hi, I was wondering if will be available a paperback version of the book…

@drwmay Thanks very much for your question!

I will find out for you, but one thing I personally do is simply download the pdf version of the book, and print it, and then have it bound or inserted into a binder for offline use. I realize that this may be an inconvenience, but often times I have found that the pdf is sufficient simply because they are so code intensive, and require you to follow along in Xcode, I find that it is rare for me to require a physical copy of the book, when it is more convenient for me to look at the book on one monitor, and code along on another. Because of the large amounts of code, the books are not as beneficial when you are reading them offline, then when you are on your machine, and actively going through the code.

The other issue to consider, is because the technology moves so quickly, people would essentially have to get a new book year after year. That’s a lot of space! :slight_smile:

As I said, I will confirm with you shortly.

I hope this helps!

All the best!

@drwmay I just wanted to follow up with you on your question:

Paperback versions of our books are available at, which is where you can purchase them if you are interested in obtaining a physical copy. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!

it is not the last version of the book…

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