Other technical Books For Sale In The Future

Since there are a lot of iOS related ebooks or books, I am just wondering if the authors or staff at Ray Wenderlich will release something for Java, Javascript, C++, C# or even python in the future? Because those are all popular languages esp C#. Hope to see more books from Raywenderlich, not just iOS.

In addition, it would be great if the books could sell $30 or less because as a collector, reader or fan of Ray Wenderlich, I would like to get them all. It would cost a thousand dollars if they sell for $50 per book.

Hi @jinkazama, thank you for being a reader of the Ray Wenderlich books! In the past there have been sales such as a “Black Friday” sale where the digital books were 50% off. I would keep an eye out this year and see if any sales occur again.


@jinkazama Currently we are focused on the 4 topics you see in our site’s main menu: iOS/Swift, Android/Kotlin, Unity/C#, and Unreal Engine/Blueprints/C++. So you can definitely expect more books, courses, and tutorials on those topics in the future.

Beyond that, we do plan on expanding to other topics, but we don’t know which topics and when quite yet. However we are always open to suggestions, so if there’s anything in particular folks would like to see, please let us know!