Other Formats for the book to download?


I pre-ordered the book a few months ago, and now that its ready, I see that the only option to read it is online. Selecting the ‘other format’ option does not allow me to download an ePub or any other format of the book.

Will there be a ePub version available to download? If not, how can I get a refund?

Thank you


App Design Apprentice is still in preorder—but the team are working hard on it and we expect there will be an Early Access release in the next month or so. At that point in addition to the online reading experience, an ePub will be available if you own the book.

Thanks for you patience


Hi guys, I noticed that the new updates on my books do not have the pdf version which is what I use. I read your books on my kindle app across my home and work devices and ePUB is not kindle compatible.

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