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Do you have a great idea for a book but aren’t sure where to start? Submit a book proposal by January 23, 2019, for the opportunity to join our book team!

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I would love to see some more web frontend tutorials and books from RW where the backend is implemented in Swift, Vapor, Kitura, NIO…

i submitted my book idea via email
wonder how it will end :smile:

I think there are lots of advanced topics in mobile development ,the tutorials always accomplished via storyboard ,but as a senior iOS developer sometimes writing the UI is using the code ,so I think the topic of writing reusable UI components in iOS is cool

The only missing things for me is a multithreading related topics. I badly want to see book on this title. That will greatly improve app development skills for everyone who will read such a book. There is so much things can be included in this book, started from simple threads, synchronization primitives, signals, GCD, debugging and ended with some extended topics like Promises and async/await (I’m aware there is no such in swift), etc…
The another topic is custom control development which I’d like to see in a book format.

@dgrigoryan Thank you for your comments! If you are interested in submitting a proposal on this, please email me at Thank you!

when will the ideas be selected and when or how will we know if our idea is chosen or not chosen ?
i know the last date to enter is January 23th but then i guess there will be some deliberation…

@kvebeeck Great question! Yes, we will take a little time to consider all proposals thoughtfully and will be sure to update everyone as soon as possible. We are eager to get these projects in the works!!

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A book about iOS security could be interesting
(reverse engineer, ssl pinning, etc)

@flexkid1 Thank you for the suggestion! If you are interested in submitting a proposal by the end of tomorrow, please send an email to me at for the template. Thank you!

when should we know when our book proposal was approved/rejected ?

Sorry for the delayed response here - it’s been a crazy few months.

We hope to send a status update to everyone who applied soon!

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