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Hi All

I am trying to add a simple world map to my app in Xcode iOS Swift. Seems easy but what I want to do is have the map used offline.
I don’t need navigation or anything other than display custom annotations at various locations. The map doesn’t need to have excessive zoom levels.
Any help as start would be appreciated. I have already tried MapBox, arcGIS but I don’t need the features they provide


Hi @cloudmapper, I would maybe try out this tutorial - MapKit Tutorial: Overlay Views to create a map with custom annotations. Aside from that, I didn’t really see any other helpful resources outside of using Mapbox and arcGIS.


One of my favourite features of the Google Maps app is its ability to save offline maps on the iPhone. Whether you want map access regardless of cell reception or you’re travelling abroad and won’t have a data connection, Google Maps is king. While I enjoy Apple Maps’ built-in integration as much as the next person, there’s no denying there are certain times when Google Maps just can’t be beaten. For me, the two big ones are transit directions and offline maps. I frequently save offline maps on the iPhone with Google Maps when I’m travelling to a new area I’m unsure of. Even if I have a foreign SIM in another country, Google Maps allows you to get driving directions and to view maps in detail that you’ve saved offline.

How to save offline maps on the iPhone with the Google Maps app.

[1] Launch the Google Maps app and search for the area you want to save.
[2] Tap on the menu button and choose Offline areas.
[3] Tap on the plus button in the lower right corner.
[4] Pinch and zoom the area to fine tune what you’d like to save
[5] Tap on Download.
[6] In the popup menu, give your area a unique name and tap Save.

Hi @ericrawn,
Google Maps is a good option but sometimes does not tick all the boxes, like it does not work well with the apple watch as Apple Maps does, though it works quite well with the car BT. Similarly from code it has some features to offer and also some pain points.


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