NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore equivalent in Android?

I have an app that lets users mark entries as favorites. My IOS version uses the iCloud NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore so that if somebody favorites something on their iPhone, it also shows up on their iPad (assuming of course they are logged in to the same Apple ID)

I don’t have the same feature on the Android version – what is flagged on a phone doesn’t show on a tablet (or other phone).

The actual data is stored on a backend server using a UUID I generate the first time the app is launched (and promptly saved to the cloud). So all devices with the same Apple ID will have the same UUID.

My app doesn’t require any sort of login or registration – and I want to keep it that way :slight_smile:

So far I haven’t found anything similar (and anonymous) with Android. If I had a login then Firebase or it’s equivalents would work but I don’t want the feature bad enough to require registration. But maybe I am just using to much “Apple Speak” and aren’t using the right words for Android.

Thanks in advance for any pointers or suggestions.

You need syncing. There’s no iCloud equivalent for Android. The main solutions I’m aware of are Firebase, Realm, and Couchbase Mobile.

  • With Firebase, I didn’t think the user would have to log in, just credentials for the app, but I’m not an expert. There’s also Firestore, which is a revamp, and much more powerful. You might check out problems people have had with Firebase. Seems to particularly be around up time. (Look for threads on reddit)
  • Realm used to be only on device. They’ve added a back end as of about a year ago I think. Don’t know much about it, except I think it’s closed source and paid.
  • Couchbase is easy to put in the cloud, but doesn’t offer it directly as a service (meaning Couchbase distributes software, and you host it where you want). There’s a community edition you can use for free, which sounds like plenty for what you need. (Note I work for Couchbase.)

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