Notebook in book; what happens with new book version

I like to use the notebook to make notations while reading the book. As you know the notes are attached to parts of the text (you select when making the notes).

What happens with them when a new book version appears? I hope they will not be thrown away as I rely on them quite a bit.

Could you clarify what format are you reading the book in?

I’m reading the web version of the book. Not a download / PDF.

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Hey, @marc_b .

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

The notebook is linked to a specific edition of the book — so if a new edition is published, you start with an empty notebook (as we can’t really guarantee that the new edition of a book would include a paragraph or sentence you’ve previously highlighted.)
However, you can look back to a previous edition, and your notes on that edition.

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How do you get the notebook to work on an iPad? I highlight the text….but the tool tips are like copy, create a link, look up, etc but none allow me to add it to the notebook…it does work on my Mac though…

Here is how it looks on my iPad below

@robertomachorro Do you know the answer to my question?

Sorry, I’m not sure what Notebook you are referring to, @vulcanccit ?

Any of the Kodeco books, as read with the online reader has a button at the bottom, in between the Aa and the Hourglass as you see in my screen shot. its a way to keep notes as you read the books, you can highlight text and click a tooltip and it adds it to the Notebook in the Kodeco reader. That does not work on the Ipad, so I wanted to see if it was something I am doing wrong on the Ipad, or if that functionality is not supported on the Ipad. It works via a browser… On the Ipad, I have used Chrome and Safari and it is a no go on either browser.

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Hi @vulcannccit

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. We hope that the response provided by @robertomachorro was helpful in addressing your concerns.

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@robertomachorro referred it to @jellodiil and I never saw an answer here, but I seem to remember someone from support emailing me directly that my feature inquiry is not supported on the Ipad.

I completely missed the previous ping — so sorry about that.

Yes, we don’t currently support the notebook feature on hand-held devices. Sorry about that.

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