No Swift Apprentice update, instead - new Fundamentals book

Hi RW Team,

I purchased the Swift Apprentice book a while ago in order to have an access to content updates.
Now instead we get another book called Fundamentals. Do I get an access to it by default?
I have my doubts in the new selling model.

Best regards

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Hi. Swift is becoming a bigger language so the apprentice team made the decision to break up the topics into two books (with the next one coming soon). We want to keep these books approachable for those just starting out but include and expand upon some of the more advanced details as well. Importantly, Iā€™m told that anyone who purchased the individual online additionally will automatically get access to both.

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All right. It sounds fair. Thank you and looking forward to it.

I do not have access and I purchased Swift Apprentice. Does this book replace Swift Apprentice (2021)?

You should contact support. I will let them know about your message.

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