Nice new forums

they look good! ah ha, this is the same forum software that Eastgate uses for its Tinderbox forum, so No Learning Required. I like it already.


Thanks, and glad you like it! :]

I like it too, especially the Markdown.

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I also like the forums, you did a great job!

… And when I find the way, I will change my Profile Picture.

The new forums (and indeed the rest of the sites) now use gravatar as a user avatar service. This gives you a global avatar that can be associated with your email addres - so it’ll appear on all sites that support gravatar.

You can create a gravatar account here:

Once you’ve created your gravatar, you’ll have to sign out of the forums and back in again to pick up the change.

Any questions / problems then give us a shout


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Thank you so much Sam!

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Thanks, Samdavies.
I found lot of ans which i have doubted in thats give us a shout.

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