Next version of the book with Distributed Actors

@icanzilb given that the Distributed Actor feature was merged into main swift branch in February. Do we have an estimate for when we can expected the third version of the book with the real Distributed actor models?

Is it going to align with the release of Swift 5.7?

Hi Peter, the distributed actors is still a wip feature in Swift as fat as I understand it. The communication I’ve seen so far from the Swift team is that it’s an experimental release and they’re looking for feedback to feel the direction the feature should develop into. I wouldn’t cover this in the book in its shape right now.

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I would be interested in being part of this beta / experimental release, especially looking at distributed development.

Can you direct me to where I can participate?

Most of the discussion is happening here: Distributed Actors - Swift Forums but there are just few posts this year.

And here’s apple’s demo library if you want to give that a try: GitHub - apple/swift-distributed-actors: Peer-to-peer cluster implementation for Swift Distributed Actors

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