Newb stuck on unwrapping error

Hi there- I’m literally on day 2 of this and new to coding so I’m sure this is obvious but I’m stuck: I’m getting an unwrap error where a value is coming up nil. I even tried copying in the source code from the tutorial verbatim, though, and that seemed to give me the same error. The simulator says build successful for a hot second but then crashes before load with the following error. What am I missing here?


Heyyyy I think I figured it out myself. Since it didn’t seem to be code within the View Controller I checked out the difference in the connections in my storyboard and apparently I was missing the referencing outlet between the slider and the View Controller.

Yep, that’s exactly what the error message is telling you. It would be nicer if it said “you probably forgot to connect the outlet”, but Xcode isn’t that smart. :wink: