New version 8.2 feedback


FYI, in the new version 8.2 “Section 4” is missing in the Table of contents…


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I changed the topics name so everyone can put things in here they find to be improved for the next version…

On page 420 in the PDF at the beginning it still says…
(That is in Chapter 12: Adding Items to the List)

“[I changed this sentence from passive to active voice. Is Xcode the correct actor.]”

I think this should be taken out.

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In the PDF on page 447 (Chapter 13: Editing Checklist Items) there are so many things missing that we had in the code before (that have nothing to do with the changes suggested).


Starting with the different image:
it says: Image(systemName: “plus”)
instead of: Image(systemName: “”)

why would we change that here?

Text(“Add item”)
is missing completely

The navigation bar was looking like this before:
.navigationBarTitle(“Checklist”, displayMode: .inline)

Was it changed to this:
…on purpose?

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On page 464 in the PDF, the following coding should be changed…


But that is already there. It has been done on the page before.
So this could be taken out.


I also have noticed a typo on version 8.2

In chapter 6 Refactoring, when you get to the part where you create alertTitle() method, it says we changed it to scoringMessage() in the Alert, instead of alertTitle()


It’s a small typo, but if people not notice it could cause a bit of confusion so i decided to report it :slight_smile:

Hi @governorx, thank you for sharing this and bringing it up! We appreciate the feedback.

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