New Topic button is grayed out for "Official Tutorials"

Hey guys,

When I select the Official Tutorials Forum, the New Topic button is
grayed out and won’t let me select it to create a new topic.

Am I doing something wrong?

I recently signed up and paid to view the video tutorials and
just viewed the beginning Swift 3 lessons.

Maybe it has already been posted somewhere but I wanted to
know when the intermediate Swift 3 video lessons will be available.

Thanks for your help!


We have disabled new topics in the Official Tutorials category, because that category has an automatic thread that is created for each tutorial or video tutorial. This keeps the discussion consolidated in one place, and allows us to embed the discussion with each tutorial.

For general questions like the above, use the General Discussion forum, as you’ve done here :]

To answer you question about Intermediate Swift 3 course - good news - the course has been recorded and is currently in editing, so it should be posted soon! :]


Thanks for your help and quick response!



Thanks for your quick response and procedure info.

That’s great news that the intermediate Swift 3 videos
will be available soon!

This is the best tutorial website on the internet!
You guys rock!


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